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How do I use the Envelope Effect in Inkscape - Envelope effect is an effect that is commonly used in the text object to make it more attractive and can be elastic when shifted or made ​​such a pattern, eg text made ​​fish pattern, heart pattern, and others. 

How do I use the Envelope Effect in Inkscape

The effect of the envelope when we want to use it will not be unless we have to change our object into Path, this menu is on the menu then Object to Path Path object but we want to be in a state of active or selected. Object creation is quite easy you change your text into a path and then select " Path Effect Editor " on the menu Path then locate the submenu under the name "Path Effect Editor" or the shortcut keys Shift + Ctrl +7 .

How do I use the Envelope Effect in Inkscape

after you have opened the " Path Effect Editor " simply in " New Effect " search called " Envelope Deformation " then click Add , it will display "Current Effect " as many as 4 different lying there "top bend path " which means editing the path the top of the "right path bend " the right to edit parts and so on .

To make it more understandable good you can see the video directly on the tutorials that I have made.
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